When is The Right Time to Move from Dentist to Investor in Your Dental Practice?  

This is a big question, but the answer is deceptively simple, and you don’t have to give up practicing dentistry to make the transition. However, there are several factors to plan for and implement to make this transition successful.  

So, here’s the answer, the right time to transition from dentist to investor in your practice is when the revenue of your practice finally comes mainly from your team. Transitioning your mindset from clinician to investor is another story –  

How Do You Transition from Dentist to Investor in Your Dental Practice?  

How do you get your revenue to start coming from your team rather than yourself? You must build the foundation to scale your practice before you make that transition. There are several elements involved in this process:  

Once you’ve effectively implemented these strategies, then you will be ready to transition to investor. You can and should keep clinical hours, but those are minimal compared to the time you use each week for scaling out your business as an investor.  

Check out this short video on my process for transitioning from solely dentist to dentist-investor in my practice:  

Are You Ready to Become an Investor in Your Dental Practice?  

Although it’s an exciting transition, there are foundational elements you need to make sure are in place for a successful transition:  

At some point in your dental career, you may have realized that rather than being an entrepreneur, you gave yourself a job. One way to put your entrepreneur hat back on is to optimize your practice to give yourself the opportunity to play a bigger role in your own future and the future of your organization.  

At Optimize Practice Services we believe that the future of dentistry lies with dentists. If you’re interested in learning more about laying the groundwork for scaling your practice and becoming an investor, hit the button below and take our free assessment. Find out how ready your practice is to scale and grow with you in the investor seat.