Is your dental practice doing this? As a startup, my partner and CEO of OPS, Josh Gwinn, and I have thought a lot about the mission and vision of our organization. What value do we bring to the marketplace? Where do we want to take Optimize Practice Services? What is our unique selling proposition?  

These are all valid questions. But there is one desire that has driven my ambition for OPS. In a rapidly changing 21st century, I want to see dentists remain as the driving center of dentistry. Why? Because it is dentists who know what is best for dental patients. Private equity investors and the ancillary industries that are quickly growing up around PE do not know what is best for patients. Dentists do. And Josh and I are dedicated to supporting dentists, their teams and their visions for growth.  

Behind our mission of keeping dentists at the center of an evolving industry is our philosophy for why we’ve chosen this mission. Our philosophy is a simple, 3-pillared approach that I’m going to break down and share with you here. I want you to know why we do what we do.  

What are the three pillars of success for a dental practice? 

Pillar 1: Quality of Patient Care in Every Dental Practice Organization 

The cornerstone of a successful dental practice is the quality of patient care it offers. This includes but also goes beyond clinical expertise and technical skill. Quality of care encompasses the entire patient journey; from the moment a patient calls your practice to the aftercare and follow-up that patient receives.  

The beginning steps we take, at OPS, after on-boarding is bringing our partner practices in alignment with our philosophy, helping practices improve technology, team communication, and the entire patient journey. We support clinicians in delivering the highest quality care and optimizing the teams, systems and processes that deliver that care on a daily basis. We support you while you are supporting the patient.  

Pillar 2: Quality of Patient Experience Throughout the Dental Patient Journey 

A positive patient experience is the driving force behind patient retention and word-of-mouth referrals. It’s not just about what happens during the dental appointment but the entire journey. The three aspects we like to ensure are retention, referrals and reviews. Those three elements help us track and measure and optimize the patient experience. The other elements we focus on are the following:  

We support teams in welcoming their patients with open arms, decreasing fear and anxiety around dental care and building lasting relationships.    

“In God we trust, all others bring data.” 

~W. Edwards Deming

Pillar 3: Access to Care for all within Your Community 

Ensuring that dental care is accessible to all segments of the population in your community is the third pillar of our philosophy. It involves both physical accessibility and financial affordability. To achieve this, a dental practice needs to be optimized, nimble and efficient.  

Optimizing a dental practice means that we reach more people. And until we reach more people, we are not achieving our mission. At OPS we are serious about access to care for all. It’s not a sound bite to us, it is part of the philosophy that drives our mission.  

Behind these three pillars lies the foundation of harmonious, cohesive teamwork within the dental practice. Team Dynamics play a crucial role in creating a positive work environment where team members respect and support each other, communication is paramount and trust is established and reinforced through transparency and integrity.  

Training and Development are key to strong teams. Investing in ongoing training and development for the team ensures that everyone is aligned with the practice’s goals and up-to-date with industry standards and team members cultivate an ownership attitude.  

Another essential aspect of cohesion is role clarity. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities eliminate confusion as we as redundancy and ensure that each team member knows their contribution to the practice’s success.  

This is achieved through encouraging open communication within the team; and fostering idea-sharing and problem-solving, leads to innovation, collaboration and improvement. 

When a dental practice takes a patient-centered approach, the entire team, from front desk staff to hygienists and dentists, is invested in successful patient outcomes, putting the patient’s well-being at the forefront of their endeavors. Our job at OPS is to make this approach easier and more accessible for dental practices by lending our leadership through the restructuring phase and supporting your teams every step of the way.  

The success of a dental practice hinges on the three pillars of patient care, patient experience, and access to care, all built upon a solid foundation of harmonious teamwork. When these elements are incorporated and running optimally, the result is not just a thriving practice but also healthier, happier returning patients who are more likely to become advocates for your dental practice.