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Josh Gwinn

Josh Gwinn has dedicated his life to championing teams.

Josh Gwinn’s life’s work is dedicated to this flexion point: holding this focus for companies while they find their way through growing their organizations successfully and comprehensively.

Josh Gwinn has dedicated his life to championing teams, creating cohesive organizational structures and supporting companies and individuals alike, through confidence-building and compassionate accountability. He has written extensively about these themes in the OPS blog. 

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How Does Culture Contribute to the Bottom Line in Your Dental Practice?

by Josh Gwinn, Co-Founder & CEO

I’ve just finished reading The Four Obsessions of An Extraordinary Executive: A Leadership Fable by Patrick Lencioni.

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Extreme Ownership: Improve Your Leadership in Your Dental Practice

by Josh Gwinn, Co-Founder & CEO

One of the rules of thumb we follow at OPS is a principle called Extreme Ownership. This is a term that was first coined by Jocko Wilink and …

Josh Gwinn started his professional life in the U.S. Navy learning skills in leadership, accountability, logistics, working within a cohesive organizational structure. So, themes like extreme ownership, detailed in the best-selling book of the same name by two U.S. Marine leaders, resonate deeply with Josh. He has taken those learned skills into his leadership career and applies them within his own teams.

He also lends his leadership expertise while working with dental practices to optimize, systemize and scale their organizations. He’s had tremendous success working with dental practices and their teams to build cohesive systems and processes to reach their greatest success and impact within their communities. Extreme Ownership is not just an idea Josh Gwinn talks about, it’s a practice he lives every day. It’s something he brings to his personal life as well, being a little league coach and community sports organizer.

Josh Gwinn on Company Culture and It’s Impact on Your Dental Practice’s Bottom Line 

Holding onto a healthy and cohesive culture while scaling and growing an organization may seem like an impossible job, and yet, this is where Josh excels. His expertise in keeping cultures aligned with their purported values while they grow and scale is Josh’s passion. It is no small order for an organization to try and keep its values, principles and perspective when it’s trying to grow. In fact, often, those aspects of company culture get devalued and pushed to the bottom of priorities while teams struggle to encompass new directives and meet new demands. This is the very point that Josh focuses on and assists teams with: learning to carry their original values and principles through their scaling efforts.  

Josh has seen, firsthand, when companies throw out their original vision and values, the actual value of a company diminishes due to a lack of importance placed on customer and team experience. The daily experience of your team members may not seem like a priority when you’re scaling your practice but it is, in fact, a core principle of a healthy organization built to scale and grow. You’ve got to have buy-in from your leadership team in order to keep your vision on track and moving forward.

Josh Gwinn’s life’s work is dedicated to this flexion point: holding this focus for companies while they find their way through growing their organizations successfully and comprehensively.  This, he has found, stabilizes and enhances, rather than diminishes, the valuation of organizations in the marketplace.  

How Does Culture Contribute To A Company’s Bottom Line?

One of the most important qualities we pride ourselves on at Optimize Practice Services is our accessibility to our teams, practices and potential partners. One of the values Josh Gwinn appreciates deeply and strives for on a daily basis is communication.

Optimize Practice Services

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

— James Humes

If you’re interested in seeing how Optimize Practice Services can assist you in building, growing and optimizing your practice we have several avenues to get in touch. Please take our free Assessment and find out where your company and how ready it is to scale and systemize. Next, you’ll want to schedule a Strategy Call with Josh Gwinn. This call will give you clarity about the strategies you can use to grow your practice with us. And when you grow, we grow. Ultimately, Josh Gwinn’s focus comes down to one thing:

The future of dentistry belongs with dentists.

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