Are you struggling with creating and keeping together healthy teams within your dental practice? Do you find that the same issues keep coming up again and again? Is the productivity within your teams not as high as it could be? Finally, could your team members use a boost of confidence, enthusiasm, focus, productivity or maybe all of the above? I’ve got just the book for you!  

Within the realms of leadership and teamwork in organizations, identifying individuals who possess the qualities necessary to thrive in a team setting is crucial. In 2016, Patrick Lencioni wrote a book that will lend you the very solutions needed to solve these issues.  

A Lack of Cohesive Team Structure and What It Means for Your Dental Practice 

However, before we delve into Patrick Lencioni’s essential work, let’s look at why teamwork is vital to the success of your dental practice. First, let me say, you’re not alone. Lencioni wrote this book because the issues and obstacles faced by teams within organizations are universal and ubiquitous. And solving them is no small feat. Hopefully, this post will offer some real solutions for you and your dental practice. 

Teamwork within any organization is pivotal and determinant to the success of that organization. I cannot be any clearer than that. So, what are some common problems associated with weak or non-existent teamwork?   

Lack of Communication

Low Productivity

Increased Conflicts and Tension

Lack of Innovation and Creativity

Decreased Employee Engagement

Missed Opportunities for Learning and Development

Reduced Patient Satisfaction

Improving communication, fostering a collaborative culture, and providing the necessary support and resources for teams to succeed is your job as the leader of your organization. So, how do you recognize and fix the issues associated with weak teamwork thereby building stronger teams and enhancing overall performance and success?  

Elevating Team Solutions in Your Dental Practice 

In “The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize and Cultivate the Three Essential Virtues,” author Patrick Lencioni presents a captivating exploration of the key virtues necessary for effective collaboration within a team structure. Let’s delve into the core concepts of the book and discuss its practical insights on recognizing and developing these virtues with your own team members. 

Patrick Lencioni’s instructive narrative takes the form of a leadership fable, weaving a story around a fictional company grappling with teamwork challenges. These challenges are universal, showing up and causing issues in most workplaces: miscommunication or non-existent communication, lack of accountability, weak follow-through; all of which lead to less than stellar results from your team culture.  

Through relatable characters and engaging portrayals, Lencioni introduces the three essential virtues: humility, hunger, and people-smarts. He demonstrates how these virtues, when cultivated and embodied by team players, create a foundation for exceptional teamwork. So, what are these virtues Lencioni describes as the pillars of exceptional teamwork?  

The Ideal Team Player for Your Dental Practice




Recognizing and Cultivating These Essential Virtues in Your Dental Practice 

“The Ideal Team Player” offers practical guidance on recognizing and cultivating these virtues within individuals and teams. Lencioni outlines strategies for hiring individuals who possess these qualities, providing actionable insights into conducting interviews and assessing candidates effectively. He also emphasizes the importance of ongoing coaching and development to nurture and strengthen these virtues in existing team members. The book offers tools and techniques to assess the current state of teamwork within your organization and offers actionable steps to create a culture that values and reinforces these essential virtues. These tools cover –  

By embracing these principles and practices, you, as the leader, and your managers, can create high-performing teams within a culture of collaboration, trust and growth. Lencioni equips readers with the tools needed to transform their teams into cohesive and successful units, ultimately achieving exceptional results. The Ideal Team Player teaches you how to unleash the potential within your organization with the tools you probably already have and are under-utilizing.  

Optimize Your Results in Your Dental Practice 

At OPS developing strong teams within your organization is our passion. It’s what we do. Growing and scaling your dental practice must start with a cohesive team structure because you need complete buy-in of your vision to succeed in your strategic plan and make your vision a reality. Do you want to find out how you can implement these tools practically and glean more productivity, innovation, cohesion and collaboration with your teams? Take our free assessment and find out if you’re ready to work with us. We are at your service!