Can You Unlock Exponential Growth in Your Dental Practice?

Is your dental practice ready for disruption? A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of sitting in on the ExO 2.0 Launch Event with Salim Ismail and Peter Diamandis, the founder of the XPRIZE. It was a mind-blowing experience to listen to these two guys talk about what makes a company an exponential organization (ExO). They laid out how to transform your own company into an exponential organization while also transforming your mindset as a leader of an ExO. 

The exponential pace of technological advancements has the potential to revolutionize industries and transform society as we know it. Recognizing this potential, Diamandis and Ismail unveiled the framework designed to unlock exponential growth for organizations.   

An exponential organization (ExO) is a term coined by Salim Ismail and is used to describe a new breed of organizations that leverage accelerating technologies and exponential growth strategies to outperform traditional companies. These organizations are designed to thrive in a rapidly changing and disruptive business landscape.  

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Exponential organizations are characterized by their ability to achieve massive scale and impact with relatively few resources. They harness the power of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, and blockchain to rapidly scale their operations and deliver products or services with unprecedented efficiency.  

How can you, the dental entrepreneur, leverage these technologies and ideas to turn your dental practice into an ExO? It starts with your mindset. Let’s look at the characteristics of an exponential organization.   

The ExO 2.0 Framework: The Pillar Principles of Exponential Organizations 

At the core of ExO 2.0 lies the recognition that traditional business models are ill-equipped to navigate the rapidly evolving business and economic landscape of the 21st century. To address this, Diamandis and Ismail introduced a new set of attributes that enable organizations to tap into exponential growth opportunities. These attributes allow us to define and navigate the contours of Exponential Organizations and how dental entrepreneurs may apply them.  

The Pillar Principles of An ExO:   

1. Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP):  

2. Scalable Learning:  

3. Rapid Scalability:  

4. Experimentation and Adaptability:  

5. Social Technologies:  

6. Engagement and Community:  

7. Algorithms and AI:  

By implementing the key elements outlined in the above framework, ExOs foster an environment conducive to exponential growth and disruption. These companies transcend conventional limits, create sustainable competitive advantages, and drive innovation in an era of rapid change. 

These pillar concepts also provide traditional organizations with a framework for embracing exponential growth and navigating the challenges of a rapidly evolving business landscape. By adopting these principles, companies can position themselves as agile, innovative, and future-ready entities capable of driving transformative change. So, let’s look how you, the dental entrepreneur, can implement these tools and applications. You can start using most of these right now to turn your business into an exponential organization.   

Turning Your Dental Practice into An Exponential Organization

I was curious to listen to what these gentlemen had to say because I used the very principles, they spoke about in the webinar to scale my first organization, Kids Dental Place. And they are also the principles and mindset I’m using now to help our partners and clients at Optimize Practice Services.   

This mindset transformation, to fully embrace the future of the 21st century and where it’s headed, rather than stick to old 20th century traditional business models, allowed me to scale my first business with incredible speed and success. And it’s what we talk about with our partners and clients at OPS. It is us, the leaders of our organizations, who must have the courage to embrace the future, learn to use its tools and create the companies and businesses we envision.   

And the good news is…the future is here! We don’t need to wait around for these tools, mindsets and cultural shifts. They are at our disposal. We simply need to have a beginner’s mind, a curious disposition and a willingness to dive into the deep end of the future to see what is truly possible for our success. So, now let’s look at what you can do right now to implement these tools, strategies and mindsets to disrupt and redefine your dental practice.  

The Pillars of Exponential Growth for Your Dental Practice:

  1. Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP): Exponential organizations have a clear and compelling mission that inspires and motivates employees and stakeholders. The concept of exponential organizations highlights the importance of agility, adaptability, and embracing disruptive technologies and business models.   You can do this with your dental practice. Notice the first characteristic is about mindset, having a MTP or Massive Transformative Purpose. This is exactly what I had when I started my first practice, Kids Dental Place. My MTP was to create a million smiles for children. I got this purpose while still in dental school on a mission trip to Mexico working in a free dental clinic. Volunteering in that clinic transformed my idea of going to college to become a dentist simply to have a secure financial future, into a mission to transform lives and bring smiles to as many children as I could help. Do you have a massive and transformative purpose for your business?  
  2. Scale: These organizations have the ability to scale rapidly and effectively, leveraging external resources and platforms to achieve exponential growth. I went from one practice to eight practices in a very short time using these principles. Now, this was the early 2000’s so the technology was different, but mindset and determination were the same. I figured out how to leverage my profit and other external resources while optimizing our systems and processes to meet the demand of new practices coming online very quickly. Are you thinking about scaling your practice?   
  3. Leveraged Assets: Exponential organizations make use of external resources, such as shared economy platforms and crowdsourcing, to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. Leveraged assets is not a new concept but it’s one we are very familiar with at OPS. Leveraging new technologies, lending our leadership, and making available our templates, processes and skillsets is our job #1 when we work with you.   
  4. Engagement: These orgs have a strong focus on engaging their communities and stakeholders, often utilizing social media and digital platforms to connect and collaborate. This is something that you are probably already doing within your communities both online and offline. Engagement within your community is one of the pillars of strength for dental practices. And knowing how to utilize it effectively cuts down on marketing costs and keeps interest high.   
  5. Interfaces: Exponential organizations create user-friendly interfaces and leverage emerging technologies to deliver seamless and personalized experiences to their customers. One of my core passions is team building and team culture because I learned very early on in my career that happy teams are one of the most valuable assets of a growing practice. At OPS we have a lot of tools for reforming your interfaces to create a better experience for your patients. And this includes the teams your patients interact with every day. But interfaces encompass so much more. One of the benefits of working with a partner is the access you will have to emerging technologies in the dental field like Augmented Reality, AI, Laser and Robotic dentistry and so much more.   
  6. Dashboards: ExO’s use real-time data and analytics to monitor performance, make data-driven decisions, and identify new opportunities. Back when I was starting my practice and my office manager left us without a proper way to bill, track and understand our numbers, I learned the power of data-driven decisions. We could not move forward without her knowledge. I spent six months learning our systems and I vowed to never let another single human have all that power to just walk out the door with the info driving our business success. So, I got to work creating a system and custom software that allowed me or anyone else that needed it, to track our growth and progress. That was a mistake that was to never be repeated in my organization. Another lesson I learned was how to analyze and experiment with strategies to increase sales, reduce costs and try on new models without hurting our bottom line. Taking a scientific approach to our marketing and business operations was unique but it really paid off. I would try a new technique or process; measure our growth and compare that to our old way of doing things. Over and over, we fine-tuned our entire organization. And it was obvious to investors when I finally decided it was time to sell. And technology has come so far even from a few years ago that it makes no sense to not take advantage of these new monitoring dashboards. This level of granular data study and management is now completely automated!

All these characteristics of an ExO can be applied to your dental practice with incredible results if you’re willing to get educated and keep an open mind. And that’s where it starts: You and your mindset.   

Are you ready to become an ExO? If you’re willing to change your mindset and do the work you can position your dental practice at the forefront of innovation, drive positive change within the industry and shape a future defined by exponential possibilities. And we want to help! At Optimize Practice Services we have our own MTP,  

We believe that the future of dentistry belongs with dentists.  

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