Centro Medico Dental Practice org



MacArthur Park, Los Angeles, CA


“Thank you Optimize for helping us impact the health of our patients! I needed expertise, credibility, and action to support the dental team at Centro Medico—and we got that from the Optimize Practice Services team.”  

Andy Piskoulian, CEO, Centro Medico

“Dr. Jack Bayramyan and the Optimize team have been invaluable in aligning our dental providers at Centro Medico. Through their guidance, we established a dental provider leadership forum, standardized diagnosis and treatment planning, optimized standards of care, improved patient flow, and enhanced clinical documentation. Their expertise and support have elevated our dental department, fostering a culture of excellence and collaboration. We are immensely grateful for their contributions to enhancing patient care and outcomes at Centro Medico.” 

Dr. Paul Buzad, MD, Medical Director of Centro Medico


Centro Medico is a Federally Qualified Health Center or FQHC. Centro Medico is located in LA, CA, a large population center with a great need for low-cost dental care. CM is Ideally situated both in their market and physical location. CM has 3 dentists and 4 dental assistants.  

Centro Medico was looking to expand its scope of service from 14 patients a day to 20 patients a day. To do this the CM team would need to transform its workplace culture, make clinical systems and processes changes and retool its schedule management applications and services. 


Over the course of 5 months, Optimize Practice Services worked with the Centro Medico team and leadership to clarify their vision of what was possible within the current practice. OPS implemented a project management approach to ensure systematic completion of important elements in the practice, in the following areas: 

Within the course of 5 months, with OPS we were able to accomplish:
  • Team alignment on office culture and clearly defined roles within the practice 
  • Goals for each teammate and team 
  • Optimize clinical systems and processes 
  • Schedule optimization
  • Recall/re-care process


Increase in patients seen

The team is experiencing success and serving more patients than ever before! 


  • Total patients seen has risen 150% 
  • The practice is now seeing 35 patients a day 
  • Leadership and team roles are now clearly defined and delineated with best practices process documents 
  • Patient care coordination, within the scope of medical and dental care, since being redefined has increased significantly

“I’ve had the opportunity to step up as a leader and expand my potential—as a clinician and as a leader. I greatly appreciate the Optimize team’s support and their process for helping our team improve health in our community.” 

– Dr. Krutika Shah, DDS, RDH