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Leadership As a Tool for Growth

How seriously do you take the concept of leadership in your dental practice? In my organization, we follow the EOS structure for our company meetings, team building and overarching goals and processes. Gino Wickman has created a comprehensive system for every aspect of running a successful organization. It truly works for us, and it has been a successful and exciting experience so far.  

We Practice What We Preach

We just had our 2nd Quarter, day-long meeting last week where we got to assess our first quarter and look ahead, plan and set realistic goals for our 3rd quarter. We also got to dig into some core issues within the company that were holding us back from accomplishing key benchmarks. These issues have been resolved and won’t be the issues that hold us back moving forward. There will be new issues to deal with in the next quarter and we will work those out using our EOS tools, as well, I have no doubt.  

During these meetings with our entire team, there are some wonderful, awful, dumb, ground-breaking and irrelevant ideas that get thrown around. There’s a lot of non-judgmental brainstorming that goes on in learning to move the needle in a new company.

What Does Lending Leadership Mean for your Dental Practice?

One of the ideas that came to me in the lead up to our Q2 meeting, is an idea I labeled, ‘Lending Leadership.’ I fell in love with this idea and threw it out to my team. They loved it too, because, as I explained to them, this is, essentially, our guiding principle with OPS. We are an organization dedicated to holding space for companies and practices while they integrate the processes, systems and structural changes they need to scale their organizations.  

These transitional times are confusing, challenging, scary and overwhelming for companies. What myself and my partner, Josh Gwinn, are dedicated to is lending our leadership during these times so that teams feel supported, directed and educated during these crucial transitions.  

The Concept of Lending Leadership

Another area we lend our leadership is through the process of evaluating your organization including what your practice looks like without more work from you, the practice owner. This is a crucial step in the scaling process. As the lead dentist, CEO, or leader of your organization you need to begin the process of extracting yourself from your daily activities within the practice while transitioning to working on the business. This entails even changing your calendar to reflect your new role within the company.  

As leaders who’ve gone through this very transition, both Josh and I, lend our leadership to making this transition as smooth as possible. And much of this transition involves changing your mindset. It might seem trivial but learning to move from the dentist’s chair into the role of leader/investor is an important and highly effective step in scaling your practice.  

It is your vision, direction and leadership that will shepherd your teams through the expansion process. And while your team is looking to you for direction, guidance and clarity you have the advantage of looking to us for expertise, mentorship and comprehensive team structure. We fill in the gaps until your teams are ready and able to guide the process.  

The Importance of Leadership in your Dental Practice

Lending our leadership ensures that you gain the highest valuation for your organization. This is a mutually beneficial process and outcome, and the guiding principle is your vision. In fact, the very first step we take at OPS when working with new partners is what we call, Vision Day. We sit down with you and your teams to, above all, listen to what your vision for your organization is. If you’re not sure what your vision is we help you figure that out in a team setting so everyone is involved. Transparency, communication, honesty and compassion are the values we use to guide us through the Vision Day process.  

What Leadership Means to Us

We walk the talk. Our goal at OPS is for our partners to gain clarity of their vision, be ensured of the highest valuation for their organizations, and be ready with strong teams, communications and processes in place for the scaling operation. This ensures mutual success and smiles all around. And it all starts with your vision, not ours. We are there to assist, clarify and lend leadership to provide a smooth experience for everyone. That’s how we roll.  

Mastermind your dental practice

Another Entrepreneurial Strategy that Works

We take the concept of lending leadership so seriously that we offer several tools to help you in your leadership journey. My partner, Josh, runs a regular mastermind built exclusively for dentists. A mastermind is a group of peers that come together on a regular basis to work out their biggest challenges, share resources and lean on each other to get through the rough patches and celebrate the wins. It is the single most effective tool that an entrepreneur has in his or her entrepreneurial toolkit.

Lending our Leadership at Optimize

One of the best ways I know to remain steadfast in your goals, bust through your obstacles, find resources and community to keep you strong is joining a Mastermind. Other benefits of this mastermind are the incredible opportunities you will get to improve your leadership skills, understand the importance of team culture within your dental practice and learn to create greater team cohesion. You will learn from those who’ve walked in your shoes and found success.

We have created a strong community because we believe that the future of dentistry belongs to dentists. We want to make sure you have the tools you need to scale, grow and create a strong legacy practice. Click the button to register for our next mastermind.