Transform Potential into Performance with the Optimize Academy  

“Most growth happens as a result of many small steps. The key is to keep taking them.”

Dan Sullivan, Founder and President, The Strategic Coach


Join industry titans, Dr. Jack Bayramyan, Josh Gwinn and Eric Nuss at Optimize Academy, the premier educational platform designed specifically for visionaries like you. 

This program uses concepts from Dr. Jack Bayramyan’s best-selling book, Extraction, and is tailored to address your most pressing challenges, from scaling operations to forming DSO structures, enhancing profitability, and crafting effective exit strategies.

Groups meet quarterly for two-day sessions – experiencing growth over the course of the year.

Cutting-Edge Strategies

Learn from the successes of top-tier professionals through experiential activities, case studies, and exclusive sessions focused on real-world solutions for scaling and optimizing dental practices.

Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

Connect with peers, industry experts, and thought leaders. Build partnerships and share insights that fuel growth and innovation.

Interactive Workshops

Engage in hands-on workshops that provide actionable strategies and practical skills. Master marketing, operational efficiencies, and patient experience enhancements with expert guidance.

Inspirational Keynotes

Draw inspiration from successful entrepreneurs who have navigated the challenges you face. Gain insights into the mindsets and strategies that differentiate top performers.

Exclusive Resources

Access a wealth of resources, including financial management tools, operational checklists, and strategic planning templates, all designed to streamline your practice’s operations and boost its growth.

Holistic Approach

Learn to balance professional growth with personal well-being. Our program includes wellness activities and social events that encourage relaxation and personal development.

Proven Processes for Growth

Get a business operating system founded on Dr. Jack Bayramyan’s best-selling book, Extraction. Gain insights into the process that led Dr. Jack from one practice to a successful multi-practice exit.

Optimize Practice Services

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We exist to help dentists like you fulfill their unique visions – whether it’s growing or scaling, improving profitability, exiting your practice, planning for the future…

The Optimize Academy can help you achieve these goals. We’re so confident that this will impact your business that we’re putting our money where our mouth is: Come to the first class – if you don’t believe it can help you transform your business, we’ll give you your money back!


Session 1:

Align your purpose, vision, and mission. Deep dive into the Extraction process understanding your Point A, your Point B, and your strategic growth path to get there.

Session 2:

Map out an expansions plan and strategy. Get a true read on your financials and what they mean about your business (what they really mean – not just what they tell your accountant).

Session 3:

Define your culture and leadership, building teams and accountabilities, HR, and new-hire onboarding.

Session 4:

Understand M&A, valuations, transitions, deal structures – and what that means for your growth, exit, and long-term income.