Communication, Clarity and Cohesion within Your Dental Practice

I’ve just finished reading The Four Obsessions of An Extraordinary Executive: A Leadership Fable by Patrick Lencioni. It’s a very good illustration of how mindful leadership leads to success throughout an organization. It’s told in the manner of a Rich Dad, Poor Dad type of scenario. One company thrives while the competing company struggles under a frayed culture. While I didn’t find any information that was new to me, it illustrated extremely well how an organization bereft of cohesion, focus, communication and intention suffers and implodes. While an organization driven by a leader with clear vision, strong intentions, transparent and direct communication thrives in an environment of cohesion and unity.  

The book echoes my own beliefs and leadership style and I was reminded of a lot of sound principles and strategies. So, it’s a good reminder for a seasoned team leader and an excellent resource for someone new to a leadership role.  

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Four Principles to Establish in Your Dental Practice 

The primary focus of the book to teach leaders how to ensure that their entire team structure is 100% clear on the focus and intention of the organization. I don’t disagree with anything that Lencioni illustrates in the book as important to a leadership role. These are solid principles that will enhance any leader’s role while training new leaders in sound strategies to take into any future leadership position.  Lencioni calls them disciplines:  

Discipline 1 – Build a Cohesive Leadership Team

Discipline 2 – Create Clarity 

Discipline 3 – Overcommunicate Clarity 

Discipline 4 – Reinforce Clarity 

The book makes it clear that it is the leaders’ job to build and fully protect the culture of the organization. And it is up to the leadership team to ensure that throughout the organization everyone understands what the company aspires to be, and the principles with which it operates.  The focus, as Lencioni makes clear, is on ensuring that all communication flows down to team members in a manner that continually and consistently establishes alignment throughout the organization. 

This book is worthy of your time if you aspire to a leadership role, want to enhance your leadership capabilities or are entering an organization badly in need of a cultural makeover.  

How Does the Culture Your Create Affect Your Bottom Line in Your Dental Practice?  

Culture is about intentionality. As a leader it is your job to predetermine your company’s culture, cohesion and focus. Without your direction, intention and consistent application, a company runs the risk of competing intentions, lack of focus, miscommunication and misplaced energy and effort.  

At OPS, we are constantly striving for clarity, communication, transparency and a culture of unity and cohesion. We use these principles as the backbone of our leadership while also assisting the companies we work with to instill these attributes in their own cultures.  

How is your company doing? Are you interested in learning more about leadership principles and cultural cohesion within your own organization? We can help! Take our assessment and let’s hop on a strategy call. We believe the future of dentistry belongs with dentists. Does that align with you?