Transform your obstacles into opportunities with Dr. Jack Bayramyan’s Extraction.

“Dr. Jack has authentically poured himself, his lessons and his formulas for success into this incredibly honest and beautifully written book.“

Dr. Ara Agopian, Founder & CEO, Orthodontic Centers of America

When Dr. Jack Bayramyan, Optimize Practice Alliance President and Founder wrote Extraction, he shared a process for dental practice growth, scale, and success. Intended for dentists, their teams, other medical practice owners, and entrepreneurs, Dr. Jack Bayramyan’s Extraction can help you achieve the vision you’ve always dreamed.

Extraction is transformation, growth, and liberation.​ Clarify your vision and design your strategic plan to make that vision a reality. Along the way, Extraction helps you transform obstacles, processes, and systems that no longer support your Point B.   

Extraction takes work. The Extraction Workbook provides the tools you will need to:

  • Define your Point A  
  • Extract what no longer supports your new vision 
  • Develop your strategic plan to get you there
  • Build healthy teams 
  • Become the Leader your vision requires 
Extraction by Dr. Jack Bayramyan - Optimize Practice Services

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