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Is your dental practice ready for the future? I recently attended the Abundance360 Summit hosted by Peter Diamandis. Abundance360 is an annual event where “visionary entrepreneurs, investors, and executives meet to solve the world’s biggest challenges.” It’s a yearly mastermind with community-led mini-masterminds, monthly workshops, and year-round coaching designed to support entrepreneurs to challenge their mindsets and expand their comfort zones constantly.  

This year’s theme for the event was about learning to leverage new technologies, specifically AI, in your business. The summit provocatively stated, “In the next ten years, we’ll experience more progress than in the last 100 years.” There is so much new technology, sensors, AI, robotics, 3D printing, synthetic biology, blockchain, etc., that it can be highly intimidating and challenging to know what to implement in your dental practice, much less how.  

New Technologies and Your Dental Practice 

Abundance360 wants to inform, instruct and guide entrepreneurs on how and where to use these technologies so business owners feel empowered to use them rather than be so intimidated they walk away. Doesn’t it feel like we’ve already been moving at light speed in the first half of the 21st century? How can we go any faster? And if we, as entrepreneurs, are not ready, we will be left behind. So, I want to use this post to enlighten you about new and emerging technologies and how they might fit into your practice. My goal is to inform and prepare you, the dental entrepreneur, so you feel excited, rather than overwhelmed, by what is coming. 

One of the recurring themes of the conference was to show businesses that fail to incorporate AI within the next 5 to 10 years would be left behind or eliminated. While the conference covered a broad range of sectors, I was most interested in how AI applied to dental practices and the dental industry. In this blog post, I’ll explore the potential ways AI can be integrated into dental procedures and the benefits they will bring to dental entrepreneurs. Let’s dig in.  

AI in your dental practice

Six Areas of Emerging Technologies Applied to Dental Care 

So much new technology is being designed, created, and innovated that figuring out where to start feels challenging. Below are six areas of emerging technology that I’ve curated for this post that are simple to investigate and implement in your practice.  

Of course, you will face some challenges, there will be a learning curve, and you may even experience push-back from your teams and even your patients. Still, taking all of this in stride and creating a new mindset of embracing challenges, these new tools will enhance rather than hinder your practice.  

AI Diagnostic Support in Your Dental Practice 

Dental Patient Engagement and Communication 

Treatment Planning and Customization for Dental Practices 

Robotic-Assisted Dentistry 

Dental Practice Management and Efficiency 

Continuing Education and Skill Development within the Dental Industry 

A Brave New World for Dental Entrepreneurs 

Integrating AI into your dental practice offers a wealth of opportunities for optimization and growth. By embracing AI technology, dental professionals can improve patient outcomes, streamline administrative tasks, and ensure the long-term success of their practice. The Abundance360 conference highlighted the importance of incorporating AI into various industries, and it’s clear that dentistry is no exception. By adopting AI now, you can keep your dental practice competitive while staying relevant in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. 

There is so much new technology out there, and looking at the vast amount of innovation, information, and acceleration, even within our industry, is intimidating. Where do you start? What’s best for your particular practice? What’s the first step in implementation? These are all valid questions, and it behooves you to get to know this new landscape. I hope this overview of new tools provides you with a starting point. Start small. Take one or two innovations from above, see how they might fit into your practice, and go from there.  

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