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Newport News, Virginia

a 50% year-over-year increase in performance 

“Meeting Josh Gwinn and joining together with Optimize Practice Services has been the most pivotal and monumental decision I have made for my group practice as we begin to scale to the next level” 

Dr. Bobby Garofalis, owner, Hampton Roads Pediatric Dentistry


After facing a life-threatening health scare, Dr. Bobby Garofalis needed to prioritize building a company that could withstand his exit and continue to grow. While he isn’t planning to leave anytime soon, he had several areas of concern that needed to be addressed before continuing the passion of growing his organization. Dr. Bobby needed a plan to protect his legacy, his family, and his teams who’d worked so hard to build a successful organization.   

There were three areas of concern that needed to be addressed. First, Dr. Bobby needed to structure his organization for growth and investment – which required legal changes and changes to who was a part of the organization. Additionally, while everyone on the team was excited to support Dr. Bobby’s vision, there wasn’t clear alignment across the team on what that vision for growth was and how each team member could help achieve it. Finally, Dr. Bobby – the organization’s visionary – had deeply held values and a strong personal mission, but they weren’t codified and shared across the company. 

These areas presented a unique opportunity introducing team cohesion, alignment and communication through a systemized cultural foundation. But, how to get there?  


  • A specific legal and organizational restructuring needed to take place 
  • Alignment around HRPD’s mission and values 
  • Clarity around a vision for growth 


Dr. Bobby decided he wanted to bring outside counsel to get the best and most objective understanding of the issues at hand. This is when he reached out to OPS and Josh Gwinn.  

The first issue to be resolved was the legal framework of HRPD. Josh Gwinn, working alongside Dr. Bobby, expedited a new legal structure that allowed Dr. Bobby and his wife Aleksandra to retain legal autonomy, allowing for future growth of HRPD.  

Next, the OPS Team, including CEO Josh Gwinn, VP of Strategy, Rebecca Balliet and Tamera Davis, Operations Director, built out the groundwork, structure, and implementation of an executive and project management coaching process. Using the OPS Strategic Planning GPS™ system, the team was able to open channels of communication and strategic planning that included feedback from the entire team.  


HRPD has seen a 50% year-over-year increase in performance 

The final issue that was addressed focused on team culture and cohesion with the implementation of a set of codified HRPD-focused values. This re-focus on values important to team members created a greater feeling of cohesion and inclusivity in building the organization’s success.  

Tools Used:   

  • OPS Strategic Planning GPStm   
  • An All-team Survey for feedback to develop the mission and values important to the team  
  • Training of all teams including leadership team on the OPS Strategic Planning GPStm which includes a weekly meeting to continuously align values, mission, strategic planning alongside vision-driven goals and KPIs for the practice.  



“We’ve never communicated like this before.”

~Team quote 


Vision Realized.

With these legal and structural issues addressed and being, the path was paved for a strong vision for growth. Dr. Bobby’s health scare made clear to him his mission and vision were in jeopardy. With a clear-eyed understanding of the problem, he asked OPS to be a part of the legal restructuring, realignment of vision, and building a stronger team cohesion. The results have been nothing less than extraordinary. 

This process has led to improved alignment among all providers in the organization, across the leadership team, and within the practice manager team. The HRPD teams feel a greater sense of cohesion, trust in one another, and a deep sense of inspiration for the vision and future of the HRPD organization.  We are proud to see the growth, sustainability, and autonomy that HRPD has achieved.