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Dr. Jack Bayramyan, DDS, has dedicated his life and his company, OPS, to empowering the dental community and keeping the future of dentistry within the hands of dentists.

Dr. Jack Bayramyan has dedicated his life and his company, OPS, to empowering the dental community and keeping the future of dentistry within the hands of dentists. His philosophy and guiding principle with which he founded Optimize Practice Services was to base a company in those values that have guided his life: transparency, world-class service, teamwork and optimizing your potential.

Using his guiding principle of keeping the future of dentistry within the hands of dentists, he is singularly excited and dedicated to his roles of mentor and guide to our dentistry partners. In fact, that was the overarching motivation for writing his book Extraction: The Surprising New Formula to Systemize, Scale and Sell Your Business. In his bestselling book, he breaks down the six principle formula that he used to build a $20 million dental organization. These principles are based on the same values he uses to guide his work in Optimize Practice Services today.

In addition, to his book, you can read more about the concepts that guide Jack on the OPS blog.

Following are two articles that might interest you:

A flock of pelicans illustrating the idea of office culture. Photo care of WWF, World Wildlife Federation.

Lending Leadership: A Different Approach for Supporting Dental Practices

by Dr. Jack Bayramyan, President & Founder

In my organization, we follow the EOS structure for our company meetings, team building and overarching goals and processes.

Leadership. Image from

Escaping the eDental Entrepreneurial Prison: A Personal Perspective from a Prison Escapee

by Dr. Jack Bayramyan, President & Founder

As a dental professional, I have experienced firsthand the challenges of building and managing a successful practice.

Dr. Jack Bayramyan’s Approach to Building Strong Teams in a Dental Practice 

One of Jack’s passions is team building. One of the most valuable lessons he learned in building his own successful organization is that no company can scale successfully without the buy-in of the team members tasked with supporting the leader’s vision. Learning this lesson early on became a foundational principle and one of the factors for his tremendous success. In this video, he discusses the importance of team building for practice success:  

Why Is Team Building So Important for a Practice’s Success?

Jack Bayramyan on the Foundational Principles of his book, Extraction 

Dr. Jack Bayramyan believes one of the most powerful flexion points for any dentist is the transition from the dentist’s chair into leader and investor in your dental practice. For that to happen, a dentist needs to set up the practice with a strong foundation including leadership, teams, processes and accountability structures. These necessary steps, once taken, make the next transition of scaling your practice much smoother.

What is Extraction?

Explore the central concept of Dr. Jack Bayramyan’s book Extraction – and understand how it can help you achieve your vision for growing and scaling your dental practice. In addition, learn about the 6 foundational principles that allow you to systemize your dental practice and prepare it for scaling as well as introducing partners to your organization.

Read more about Extraction here.

Extraction book by Dr. Jack Bayramyan

If you’re interested in growing your dental practice consider reading Dr. Jack Bayramyan’s book to learn the principles behind fully optimizing your practice. Two of the qualities Jack Bayramyan prides himself on are accessibility and transparency, which is why he has chosen to make himself available to anyone looking to grow their dental practice or organization.

One of his core values is the simple yet powerful belief that the future of dentistry belongs with dentists. And he believes everyone deserves a fair shot at their dreams.

Optimize Practice Services

“When we extract the beneficial information from the discouraging, we are able to take our hardest lessons and turn them into actionable steps. Dr. Jack takes the complex and makes it simple.”

— Dan Sullivan, Founder & President, The Strategic Coach

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Our specialty at Optimize Practice Services is developing the processes and team-building structures you need to take your dental practice to the next level.

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