Are You Planning on Scaling Your Dental Practice Within the next 3 years?  

If so, there are certain measures you want to put into place before you even begin your scaling plan. Scaling a practice is a huge undertaking but there are certain steps to take now that will ensure your efforts are successful while building a stronger foundation for growth.  

Let’s say, you’re building a house. You need several essential elements. This will include sound architectural plans, a list of essential materials, trusted vendors, a team of contractors and workers, etc, to ensure you build a house that can withstand the elements, doesn’t become a source of toxicity for your family and will last beyond your lifetime. So, what if you’re building 30 more houses exactly like the first one? You need to duplicate those results. You’ll need a lot more of everything in greater numbers. Scaling is a big undertaking and in today’s economic environment it’s essential to any practice, eventually.  

It all starts with a healthy foundation, just like a house, or 30. Below, I’ve compiled a list of 10 implementations you start right now that will become the foundation of a much easier and more comprehensive scaling plan. And if you’re planning on beginning the scaling process in the next 3 to 5 years, you’ll want to get started now on implementing these measures. Starting now will mean less pressure, stress, drain on resources snd greater clarity of vision in the long run.  

10 Essentials Before You Scale Your Dental Practice 

Your Dental Practice…Times 10!  

How many of these foundational measures are you taking right now? How many do you plan to implement within the next year? Have you considered scaling your practice yet?  

Success in the dental business industry requires a combination of excellent clinical skills, business acumen, and patient-centered focus. But success also includes thinking about the future of your practice and learning to duplicate your success. It has become an essential part of a strategic plan for dental practice owners.  

Are you planning on scaling your practice or do you feel overwhelmed even asking yourself this question? Why not set up a strategy call with me to find out if you’re ready? Let’s take the overwhelm out of this question. When scaling is done right the burden is never all on your shoulders. It’s always a team effort.  

At OPS we believe the future of dentistry belongs with dentists.